Work Attire – What to Wear

January 31, 201912:27 am – By Jessca

Dressing for work can be… we’ll let’s just be honest it’s complicated. You can’t just wear what you want or what you think you want for the day. You have to fit into the “work dress code” and sometimes that means certain styles, fabrics, and prints just won’t do. Frustrating I know, and also can we just talk about the fact that men have it so easy!? They get to select from slacks, button up, jacket, and tie – that’s it! But, it’s not all negative ladies I promise. Because we have options, we can mix and play and bring in our own personal style! Now, how to define style? This has taken me quite some time to find, to hone in on and to make my own.   The most important note is to never let your outfit wear you, you wear the outfit. So how do we do this? See below my five rules for outfits that will fit you, your personality and within your dress code!

Five most important rules for that first day

  1. Define in 3 words what style makes up you and then go from there!
  2. Structure – keyword. Cotton tops have no structure and they shouldn’t these are shirts for days you are NOT at work!
  3. Be functional – you have to remember you are dressing to work, not to lay around. So wear something that you can move in and accomplish your day in. Doing this allows you to focus on your day instead of what you did or did not wear.
  4. Dress for your body – HUGE MAJOR! Okay, so I have long legs and a little bit of a booty. This means dresses and light colored slacks are a huge problem for me! Even when I am within the length requirement it seems skirts and dresses look much, much, shorter on me! The most important question to ask yourself is, what is working for my body?
  5. Professionalism above all – this ties everything together, above all. Even though you want to wear sweat pants, even though you want to wear a tank top because it’s just so hot, and even though it’s your favorite dress.

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