Summer dresses, oh how I have missed you. Summer dresses are perfect because this is where we get to have fun with all of the colors! But, there are and can be some guidelines to what is appropriate for work.

A few of us are lucky enough to count our friends on one hand and even fewer if we get two-hand fulls. So if you are among the lucky it is important to once in a while pack a bag and GET OUT OF TOWN! I give you my recent Nashville, Tennessee Girls Trip. Filled […]

Dressing for work can be... we'll let's just be honest it's complicated. You can't just wear what you want or what you think you want for the day. You have to fit into the "work dress code" and sometimes that means certain styles, fabrics, and prints just won't do. Frustrating I know, and also can […]

work fashion

Hello Friends, So nice to see you here! I am starting this series to hopefully help women of all ages find those perfect work outfits. I don't know about you, but my work closet has been, first, my greatest demise and now my greatest accomplishment.  

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